History of Henry Stevens Jr and Mary Ann Howe Stevens
by Ethel S. Lowe

(Changes made to the manuscript to correct known factual errors are in parentheses.)

Henry Stevens, Jr, my great-grandfather, son of Henry Stevens, Sr. and Chloe,, was born 18 June 1812 at Bastard, Leeds, Ontario, Canada. His father had come to this place with other Stevens families from the United States and had aquired a tract of land. Henry Stevens Jr. left Bastard about 1816 and we next hear of his having married Mary Ann Howe 26 Nov 1832 and living at Surebrook, Lanarck Co., Upper Canada. Here a son, whom they called Henry Barnabus Stevens, was born 26 Oct. 1834. On June 18, 1839 a daughter, Chloe was born at St. Louis, Missouri. About 1840 a son, James was born and about 1843 a son, Elisha was born.

While in Canada, Henry Stevens, Jr. was converted to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and was baptized in June 1837. He came to the United States and passed through the many persecutions and hardships the members of the church had to endure at Farr West, Nauvoo and elsewhere. While living at Farr West, he lost $600.00 in property. He came to Utah in 1850, bringing his family with him. He settled in Payson and lived there for three years. He lost considerable property. He was "called" to help settle Sanpete County and moved to Manti. He received his endowments in 9 Feb, 1852 and his wife was sealed to him 3 Dec. 1853.

In 1861 he moved his family to Dixie and lived there for three years, but then left because of hostile Indians. He lost all he had and had to start all over again at Ephraim. He moved there in 1864 and assisted in building the fort. He moved to Rockwell and in 1870 he removed to Ephraim where he lived the remainder of his life.

Henry Stevens' first wife passed away (in 1864, Spring City, UT)and he married Augusta, daughter of (Nicoli)and Ann S. (Dorius). Augusta was born in Copenhagen, Denmark 29 (Oct.) 1837. She bore him (8) children. Henry Stevens Jr. was the father of (12) children.

Henry was confined to his home the last twenty years of his life and received every attention from Augusta who was a good nurse as well as a midwife. He lived in a house in the west side of town near the railroad. This made it even more interesting for his great-grandchildren to visit him, hoping they would see a train.

One Sunday afternoon when some of his great-grandchildren were visiting him there were large sacks of wool piled high against the fence. While the children were playing and romping on the wool, two men rode into the yard carrying a little black bear cub. It's mother had been killed and they brought the baby bear to town to save it from death by starvation. The chhildren were delighted, though a litle frightened. It was the first bear they had ever seen.

It is said that Henry Stevens, Jr. was probably the last survivor of those who came with him to settle Sanpete County.

He spent much of his time in a large chair with a cover over his legs and was very patient to the end which came 20 Aug 1899 at the age of 87 years, at his home in Ephraim, Sanpete County, Utah. He was buried 23 Aug. 1899 in the old pioneer cemetery.

NOTE by Kerri Harris: He married his second wife, Augusta Dorius Stevens in 1854. He was a member of the Nauvoo Legion who tried to protect the Prophet Joseph Smith when the mob came to take him at Carthage Jail. He suffered acutely from asthma.

History of Mary Ann Howe Stevens

Mary Ann Howe, my great-grandmother, was born 6 apr 1816 at Grindstone, Iceland Lake, Ontario, Canada. She was the daughter of Daniel Howe and Abigail. She was married to Henry Stevens Jr. 26 Nov 1832 at Surebrook, Lenark Co, Canada.

She was converted to (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)and was baptized into the church in Nov 1837. She came to the United States and passed through all the trials and hardships with her husband and children that the Saints were undergoing. They were persecuted and driven from their homes, yet during all these trials she bore (3) sons and a daughter.

Under trying conditions and dire poverty they made their way to Utah, arriving at Payson in 1850. She was endowed 9 Feb. 1852 and sealed to her husband, Henry Stevens, Jr., 3 Dec. 1853 in the Endowment House at Salt Lake City, Utah. I do not know the place or date of her death. (19 Mar. 1864, Spring City, Utah)

NOTE by Kerri Harris: In the autobiography of Augusta, she states that Mary Ann Howe had never been strong and was rather frail.

This history was made available through the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers and may not be reproduced for monetary gain.